The Town Called Sendia

A place for my imagination to run wild.


The town of Sendia was a project I started in high school and have continued working on here and there since that time. I created this town in a little notebook for the purpose of having somewhere to express imaginative ideas at any point without the pressure of putting them in an art piece or story immediately.20170723_153628

It turned out to be a great reference point which I have utilized for art pieces, short stories, and meditations over the years. Shown here I have one of the occupants of Sendia, a nameless Albino woman who thinks she is an old man, encased in resin with small twigs from her poorly made shack.

My work on Sendia, more and more, is proving bigger then the little notebook it all started in. So my goal here is to simply compile all the work I’ve done on Sendia and continue to add to the town on this site, so it may more easily leave the confines of the 5×8 page.


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